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How Does Insurance Work in Star Citizen?

Insurance plays a vital role in the game of Star Citizen. In a game that revolves around space exploration, battles, and trading it is important to know how the insurance system works so that you can make sure your ship and cargo are protected against any unwanted events. Let’s take a look at how insurance work in Star Citizen.

How Does Insurance Work?

In Star Citizen, insurance works by covering all losses that occur as part of gameplay. This means if a ship is destroyed or stolen during a mission or while trading, then its owner can file an insurance claim to receive reimbursement for their losses. The cost of this insurance is calculated based on the ship’s value and is paid upfront when purchasing the ship.

When an owner files an insurance claim, they will have to pay an additional fee (which varies by insurer) before they can receive their reimbursements. Additionally, there are other factors that can affect the amount of reimbursement you may receive, such as the type of damage done to your ship and whether it was destroyed or stolen.

Types of Insurance Coverage

In Star Citizen there are two types of insurance coverage players can purchase for their ships: hull coverage and cargo coverage. Hull coverage covers any damage done to your ships’ hulls and frames, while cargo coverage covers any losses due to theft or destruction of goods stored on board your ships. Players can purchase both hull and cargo coverage separately or opt for a combined package that includes both types of coverage for one price.

Filing Claims

When filing a claim after experiencing damage or loss in-game, players will need to provide proof that their ships were indeed damaged or destroyed as part of gameplay. This usually involves providing evidence such as screenshots or video footage showing the damages inflicted on their ships.

After submitting these documents along with a copy of their insurance policy, players will be able to file claims with their insurers for reimbursement based on the terms outlined in their policies. In some cases such as when filing claims for stolen goods, players may also need to provide additional evidence such as police reports confirming the thefts occurred within game sessions overseen by verified game referees/marshals.


Insurance plays an integral role in Star Citizen and provides essential protection against unexpected events during gameplay sessions such as theft or destruction of ships and goods stored onboard them. By understanding how insurance works in-game and what types of coverage are available, players can ensure adequate protection against unexpected losses while enjoying all aspects of this massively multiplayer online game.

If you’re ever unsure about something related to your policy don’t hesitate to contact your insurer directly they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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